Dec 17, 2012

2012. We recorded and released our debut album. Toured more than we thought possible (84 shows in 13 countries on 2 continents). Played everywhere from crust festivals to arenas to basements to houses and your average rock club. We've had our van break down in the middle of nowhere Alabama, woken up soaking wet from leaking floors in Seattle, gotten parking tickets all over Spain, gotten paid our weight in gold in Berlin, and played in Finland during height of summer when the sun never sets.

We've fought, gotten drunk, become dissappointed and happily surprised. We've played with some of our favorite bands, and were thrilled to be chosen to open for Refused not one but several times.

We cannot wait for 2013. Thank you everyone who comes to our shows, sets us up, likes us, and helps us out. All the bands we've played with and all our friends (old as new). Watch out. We're definitely not done yet.

Ian Moore, Andy Dahlström, Anton Collinder, Manuela Iwansson.