May 1, 2012

Like always post-tour we have some merch left.

Monster eating a pizza. These were supposed to come with a 3/4 baseball sleeve, but the printer took liberty and made it into a shortsleeve t-shirt. Perry Shall made the artwork, check out his other stuff, it rules. We also made canvas bags with this print, but they sold out.

A friend called the black t-shirt the "Wolfbrigade print." Silver and white on black.
Mexican lady, red on yellow.

Limited green vinyl! Never to be repressed in color again!

We also have a few left of the black t-shirt with a white forest print, and a few Power&Void variations. As well as the Impending Doom and Blank Heads 7"s, CDs and the LP on black vinyl.

T-shirts: 12 €
LP: 12 €
Ltd LP: 15 €
7": 5 €

YES we ship to the whole world, but please note that shipping fees can be a lot. All orders through