Jan 6, 2012

Tomorrow we're going out to a cabin in the woods to shoot what will be the cover for the upcoming LP. Which we begin recording on Wednesday next week, all through the weekend, and the weekend after that. We're laying down everything in Tambourine studios (of Cardigans fame) (Cardigans is our no 1 choice for car-music). If everything goes according to plan (nail biting!), the record should be out in April. We also have some fun collaborations coming up during the year, more on those soon.

Here's some stuff we did on our last tour:
Played with Jeff the Bros in Utrecht.
Sold merch!
Celebrated Andy's birthday with champagne in Nürnberg.
Andy bought an ice scraper with a built-in glove.
Willy stage dived in Bratislava.
"Took in" Prague.
Celebrated Anton's birthday with hats in Dresden.
Played with Diät in Berlin. Our man Iffi kills it on drums.