Nov 6, 2011

So that was three days with Fucked Up. It was cool. They are cool. They are enigmas (we still don't know whether they really like us or not), but cool nonetheless. These are some things we did together: hung out with Danish no-longer-teenagers Lower/Iceage in Copenhagen, enjoyed the "marvels" of Christiania, played the first ever gig at Mejeriet in our hometown (where Manuela used to work and we've all been to like a million concerts), pit stopped at the ruins of Braehus outside Gränna where Dr. Alban and Yngwie Malmsteen have both recorded music videos, actually played to an enthusiastic Stockholm-crowd, sold a lot of merch, discussed Swedish punk, discussed punk ethos, drank wine, fine dined, and waited around A LOT. We did not bring a laptop, but everyone in Fucked Up did.

Here are pics from Mejeriet. Big stage. Made us look good.

Photocred: Johan Widerholm